Greek, Like Turkish Except for the Raping and Pillaging

On Christmas Eve, former Mission Mission editor Kevin slammed Guerrero Street Turkish restaurant Tuba, days before it even opened its doors. An excerpt: “[G]iven the plethora of delicious Valencia eateries, no one is going to stop off for food in the place tucked away to the west with a logo made by someone’s nephew who ‘has photoshop.’ ”

Well, Kev’s pal Queen Larbs attests that, in spite of its temporary signage back in December, the place is doing well, packed full of happy couples on Valentine’s Day, and churning out lamb chops so good you’ll go back for a second order before the night is done. (The famously Greek Larbs also says some stuff about Turks and rape and pillagery, but it’s probably all in fun.) Read on.

10 thoughts on “Greek, Like Turkish Except for the Raping and Pillaging”

  1. Hmmmm…… interesting that you would use words like “raping” and “pillaging” for a post about a couples café. With all that real shit that happens in the Mission, it’s nice to see someone take such a strong editorial stance.

    bold moves dude. Tell your barista.

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