Doña Tere Gets It; Taco Bell Does Not

Doña Tere must have liked the Tijuana taco stands as well, but she wasn’t around to let me sample her fare.  Anyone ever try the tacos at this place on 21st and Florida, across the street from Pirate Cat Radio?

And Taco Bell, are you listening?  When I mentioned shrimp tacos, this is not what I was talking about.

Perhaps Broke Ass Stuart has the answer?

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Knife Vs. Bean Bag Rounds

A couple weeks ago it was reported that SFPD had discharged some bean bag rounds at some nut with a knife, allegedly. Last night, reader Channing filled us in on what really went down, allegedly:

Captain Corrales commented on the incident [last night] at the Police Community meeting. The following is my recollection of Corrales’ account:

There was a disturbed man wandering around the area with a knife. Police shot him with some unspecified less-than-lethal weapon, to no effect, and then pepper-sprayed him, also to no effect. They finally restrained him by brute force, resulting in unspecified injuries to three officers.

Apparently, when the man was identified it turned out that both he and his father had missing-persons reports on them. Oakland PD searched an address associated with the two and found that his father had been murdered, probably by the son.

Photo by Troy Holden.

DANCE PARTY Pirate Cat Radio Benefit at Blue Macaw TONIGHT!!!

We’re always happy to report something positive at the Blue Macaw, that oft-embattled new venue at the old 12 Galaxies place, so I’m sure you can imagine me sitting here pooping more rainbows than SF’s schizophrenic “now it’s raining/now it’s not” weather has over the last few days.  Couple that with a benefit for our favorite under-siege radio station (RIP Energy 92.3–although MOVEiN 99.7 has picked up the slack quite diligently) and you’ve got something to do on a Wednesday night!

This one should be rather fun, too, since it’s a 50’s and 60’s OLDIES and SOUL NIGHT DANCE PARTY hosted by Pirate Cat DJs PsychoKat, Voodoo Idol, and Starbuck!  And don’t worry if you suck at dancing, because Brian Gardner of the Mission’s own Swing Goth will be on the scene with his innovative fun not frustration teaching technique.

The fun starts at 7pm tonight, with dance lessons starting at 7:30 at the Blue Macaw on Mission and 21st.  Admission will be on a $5-20 sliding scale, depending on your generosity.  Keeping in proper sock-hop theme, alcoholic Root Beer Floats will be served as well!  Nobody tell the chaperons!!!


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Mission SF Credit Union Offers ‘Bike Loans’

The Mission SF Federal Credit Union will loan you up to $2500 to buy a bike and the interest rate works out to less than half of what you would pay on your maxed-out credit card. So now is the time to hit the “buy” button on that painstakingly customized, feminine colored single-speed that’s been sitting in your Mission Bicycle cart.

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