21 thoughts on “Snow (Or Hail) On Mission Street”

  1. Hail, actually. Quite intense isolated hail, of the type one usually associates with a tornado… and loud.

  2. What’s wrong with you? The headline and caption are in error.

    It’s not snow, it’s hail. Ask the National Weather Service. You’re entitled to your own opinions, hamster, not your own facts.

    1. Whoa. Take a deep breath.

      It’s just a little weather. No need to get all cranky and name cally. Like I wrote before, I’m just pointing out that the dude from Spots Unknown was calling it snow. The only opinion I gave was that it was neat. I stand by that assertion.

      And if you really want to know, I guess, in the larger sense, I don’t really know what’s wrong with me.

  3. So if he’d called the pebble-sized pieces of ice that fell from the sky “jellybeans” instead, you’ve have run with it?

    This is why I read Missing Missing and SF Appeal: you’re so taken with your own sense of what’s cool that you don’t bother to spell- or fact-check. I keep you in my RSS feeds only so friends and I can pass your screeds back and forth while We. Laugh. At. You.

    You see, we get paid to write, so we take pride in our work. Unlike you, we’d still try to get it right even if no one really cared or read what we write.

    1. what do you get paid to write? i’d love to see your professional verbal eloquence on display.

  4. Missing Missing is the blog where the correct facts and properly spelled words are posted after these chuckleheads hit the “publish” button.

      1. Thanks for doing your job, egg.

        I’ll leave a 6-pack of PBR on the curb outside your offices.

      2. i can’t keep track of all these new disses i’m hearing lately! “egg”? and what’s a hamster? i keep hearing that one too but i just don’t get it. please enlighten!

  5. I saw it about 4:45 today in Sunset. There were a bunch of people freaking out about it. Matti

  6. @Again, you are not the child of me. When it comes to birthing blog persona thieves, I am pro-abortion.

    1. I should think that the avatars that appear off to the right of each post would indicate to even the most baked Mission hamster that we’re not one in the same.

      Perhaps you’re visually impaired, in which case I apologise for any insensitivity.

      1. BTW, we thought it was really clever the way you changed “hipster” to “hamster” in an earlier post of mine. Well played, gentlemen!

      2. you are a unique and special snowflake, and no one can ever take that away from you! you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

  7. Or win a basket case of Vic…

    I love the hamster thing. From now on, I’m calling all y’all Mission Hamsters.

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