Reggie Watts Keeping It Meta

This new Reggie Watts video is pretty awesome:

That clown guy is Jeff Seal and he used to live in the mission, so save your “not the mission” business. Also, it’s meta-as-fuck, there are beards, and features street art so it’s basically the Mission.

Author: Vic Wong

I own a sword. I like to write. I am a software engineer for I am a gypsy jazz guitarist.

4 thoughts on “Reggie Watts Keeping It Meta”

  1. Love him. Check out this video he made with yes men where he donates his body to Exxon

    “This is a tribute to Exxon employee Reggie Watts, who volunteered his body to be turned into fuel. Eventually, we will turn the billions victims of climate change into fuel as well, to make life better for the rest of us. See for more info.”

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