Rollfast Mustang

You could ride this badass beauty into a subterranean sledgehammer fight with Stalin himself and fare pretty well I think.

Gorgeous! (Even despite the terrible lighting down there, right?)

3 thoughts on “Rollfast Mustang”

  1. Is the rack on the back original or just incredibly well chosen? This is the bike equivalent of a Studebaker Hawk.

    1. The rear rack is original. The bike is a folding 2 piece style that breaks at the center of the frame. It is missing the original fenders, Stingray style. I have 2 of these, one Rollfast Mustang and a Hawthorne. Mine both came with 20×2.25 slicks on the rear. Very cool bike.

  2. I have two of these that my dad got new in 1962 or 63. He may have gotten them using S&H green stamps. The rack is indeed stock as were chrome fenders. I have one all original except for tires and saddle and one with replacement bars, grips, tires and saddle. They’re really fun but I remember not liking to ride one to school as someone thought it would be funny to remove the bolt holding the frame together and I ended up walking home carrying two halves!

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