This just in: Mission Street Food is movin’ on up. As previously reported, they’d decided to take their operation full time, and now they’re doing it. The new restaurant is called Commonwealth and it will open this summer at 2224 Mission Street (pictured).

You can follow the place on Twitter or fan it on Facebook. And you can read their full press release after the jump…

Photo by jbeasla.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA : March 23, 2010


Jason Fox (former executive chef of Bar Tartine), Anthony Myint
(Mission Street Food, Mission Burger) and partners are creating an
innovative model of benevolent fine dining in COMMONWEALTH.

Expected to open early this summer, Commonwealth will be a progressive
American restaurant, building on California’s tradition of showcasing
local, seasonal foods while incorporating diverse culinary approaches
from around the world. Additionally, a set portion of proceeds from
Fox’s inventive tasting menus will be donated to local non-profits.

Commonwealth is committed to benefiting our community. The name
Commonwealth derives from the early modern concept of organizing for
the common good of the people. The restaurant Commonwealth takes this
optimistic notion to heart: it will provide sustenance for its
customers’ ideals.

Commonwealth, located at 2224 Mission Street, near 18th Street, will
be open for dinner Tuesday through Sunday. Commonwealth will offer an
affordable a la carte menu with most dishes priced between $6 and $16,
as well as a tasting menu. Construction begins this month.

Follow our progress at, on Twitter, and on Facebook.


13 thoughts on “Commonwealth!”

  1. Awesome. Just two doors down from Lung Shan. Best of luck to Anthony and all the rest. Anyone know whether this place has more or less space for seating?

  2. damn, that’s sad! just what that area needs, another overpriced eatery for crowds of obnoxious people.

      1. perhaps not for you. yet i see you say nothing about the crowds of obnoxious people that will no doubt be eating there. i’ll still take a pass.

  3. sorta but naw. this was the bestest mext join cept for balompie and thats not mex at all in a several block radius. just be currful of gentrificates!

  4. The Mission is losing its Hispanic heritage, with wine bars and such like this one, which replaces a Mexican restaurant that was in that location for 22 years. There have been many recent replacements of Hispanic businesses on Mission Street, for instance by half a dozen new cell phone shops and check cashing places in the last few months. Tourists still visit The Mission because of its Spanish history, but they will lose interest and quit going there eventually. I still hope this one succeeds, since Commonwealth seems to be positive people.

  5. The Mission was inhabited by Irish and Polish immigrants before the Hispanic influx in the 50s. Prior to that it was Native American. This is a reflection of history and urbanization. I’d be more worried about global population increase than whether or not white people will seek out Commonwealth. Which is not only affordable but gives proceeds to charities.

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