SXSW Highlight: Still Flyin’ Soundin’ Like LCD Soundsystem

The Bay Bridged threw a fab party last week. It was called the Bay Area Takeover and a bunch of Bay Area bands wowed crowds all day long. My favorite was Still Flyin’, who were sounding a little more disco than whenst last I saw them. A dozen or so people on stage, lots of fun percussion, unstoppable beat — it was like seeing LCD Soundsystem, only cheaper. Keep ’em in mind.

5 thoughts on “SXSW Highlight: Still Flyin’ Soundin’ Like LCD Soundsystem”

    1. I know! That’s what I’d remembered, but this show was a little different. Or maybe I had waaay too much free Trumer Pils. Either way: Thanks, Bay Bridged!!!!

  1. all I remember about the Bay Area Takeover shindig at SXSW was seeing Hot Tub ladies grabbing their crotches and humping speakers. It was like Peaches crossed with Salt N’ Peppa.

  2. Wow you flew halfway across the country and were surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of awesome bands, and you went to go see the bands you could see at home?

    Thanks for keeping the lines shorter for the rest of us!

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