Opinion: Always Carry a Gun When You Ride

Reader James read the story about an undercover police officer allegedly saying, “Shut your fucking mouth bitch or I’ll knock you off your bike,” to a female cyclist, and responded thusly:

wow. just another reason to always carry a gun when you ride.


What, like G Baby here? It’s cute for a second, and then it’s like WESTERN CIVILIZATION IS CRUMBLING THE HORRORRRRRR!!

We hope James is joking, but wouldn’t be surprised if he is not. So fess up, anonymously or otherwise: Who’s packing heat in the bike lane?

Photo by Willicious Images.

7 thoughts on “Opinion: Always Carry a Gun When You Ride”

  1. I actually did once, and it was in my backpack. The gun wasn’t mine though, a friend was out of the country and didn’t want to leave it in his apt so I kept it locked up in mine. When I returned it I rode down valencia with it in my backpack, even had some ammo. It wasn’t loaded!

    I felt a little odd about it but rode safely and went right to the destination.

  2. I don’t, but lots of cyclists do carry, although I have no idea whether it is common in the Bay Area. The forums over at bikeforumsDOTnet are littered with threads about biking while armed.

    1. If us whiteys love anything, it’s our guns—you should know this. After all, it’s how we took California from you yellow-bellied mark ass bitches! RECOGNIZE!

  3. I would totally support bike riders openly-carrying, if it were legal in this state, even though I don’t like bike riders… because I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t use lethal force against pedestrians, but would use it against drivers.

  4. an old acquaintance of mine (who was part white) told me he and his friends packed guns and used them to smash car windows of drivers that dangerously cut them off. they were like gangster hipsters.

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