Getting A Feel For The New Valencia

Fritz's New Takeover
Frjtz is exploring the possibilities of the new Valencia Street and all its extra space. I’ve never eaten there, and the menu, prices and ambiance don’t entice me. But actually sitting down outside without the fear of Gavin Newsom popping out from behind a safety cone and forcing me onto a one way bus trip to Santa Cruz, that sounds pretty nice. What do you think?

Jack Hammer
Construction. That’s what’s up.

12 thoughts on “Getting A Feel For The New Valencia”

  1. Frijtz is some sort of sick joke at the expense of hipsters. Not-very-good fries with your choice of twenty-five samey types of gloopy flavored mayonnaise. Huzzah! Selling other cultures’ 2am drunk food as trendy has its limits. I saw one of the largest cockroaches I’ve ever seen outside of NYC there, too.

  2. Ate brunch there, once. Overpriced for what they served. Wouldn’t go there again, regardless of what kind of sidewalk they had.

    Sorry, Frjtz — sometimes, one chance is all you get. And the vowell-less name of your place didn’t help.

  3. Upside is Frjtz keeps their interior colder than their fries, so the fries actually seem warm.

    Back to the article. Looking forward to tables on Valencia. Margaritas in the sun.

  4. you forgot to mention, in the tradition of MissionMission restaurant reviews, that their signage is ugly, therefore the food must be terrible.

  5. I was just back visiting the Mission for two weeks and I didn’t go inside Frjtz at all… but now I kind of wish I had, because this is the FOURTH time I’ve heard that their interior is unlikeable. Seriously, three other friends of mine independently mentioned this when I asked them about the place. How bad could it be? I’m morbidly curious.

    1. It’s just empty and cold — similar to when “Takes Orders” (anybody remember them?) was in the “Pork Store” location (after “Aunt Mary’s”, before “Bitterroot”).

  6. Well I would certainly prefer to eat outside; the interior of Fritz is cold, weird and off-putting. I had some good food there once, but the vibe was so odd that I haven’t gone back.

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