SoCha? Nuh-uh!

Local blogs are aflutter with this South of Chavez / SoCha thing and how it makes us all sick to our stomachs. Doye, we blew chunks about this ages ago. Instead of complaining, why not come up with something better?

Burrito Justice has already proposed La Lengua because hey, it looks like a big-ass tongue. This has been a solid choice since its inception in November, but I think brainslip is on to something with these suggestions:

ValEndcia – End of Valencia.

TriCirRoc – El Triangulo Circa Roccapulco.

NoJo (“noho”) – Area in the vicinity of gap found on San Jose Ave between 27th St and 26th St (owned by the Salvation Army) where no pedestrian or vehicular passage is permitted.

See the other 7 proposals here.

Author: Vic Wong

I own a sword. I like to write. I am a software engineer for I am a gypsy jazz guitarist.

23 thoughts on “SoCha? Nuh-uh!”

  1. Hooray! But please amend your map to reflect the recent advances of the La Lengua Revolutionary Army (LaLeRA) — we have extended our northern border to at least 23rd St (since no one else is using it). Also note the historical clip along Juri and again down San Jose.

  2. Oh, and La Lengua has been around since November 08! That’s like forever in internet years.

    Also @eddo_likes_you is on a roll with other neighborhood names:

    DUCFOP (Down Under Central Freeway Overpass)
    HayBro (Hayes Broderick)
    SLUM (South of Lower Upper Market)
    FerBu (Ferry Building)
    Castr8teenth (Castro 18th)
    MissCapCha (Mission Capp Chavez)
    CliChé (Clipper Church Chenery)

  3. I like how you say “no doye.” It reminds me of the great “no duh”/”no doye” schism of 1987. Sadly, “no doye” fell out of favor soon after. But she will live on, in our hearts, in our memories, and yes, sometimes even in our blogs.

    We love you, “no doye.”

    1. GP, you’ve been here a while — I’ve always though “Outer Mission” was south of 280/Alemany, between Geneva & Mission to Daly City, with Inner Mission being north of 280.

      Did OM previously extend further north?

      1. Yessiree, Outer Mission is out Crocker Amazon way (hi, Broken Record!), past Mission Terrace (hi, Roxie’s!) near OMI (hi, Ocean Taqueria). It’s a pretty distinct neighborhood that probably wants to keep its identity. Plus, it has Cayuga Playground, which is simply amazing in every way. And you can go to Pacific Super on your way out there. NEVERMIND that I navigate by my dining options… :-)

      2. I’ve always thought the Outer Mission extended up to 30th where St. Mary’s takes over. Bernal Heights up off to the left (east); Fairmont to the right (west). Then it the Excelsior which I’m not sure if it extends up to Daly City. Crocker Amazon is off to the east.

  4. @Glenparker When you go up the hill on Mission (or along the Bernal Cut) from 30th past Cortland past Appleton past Highland, you are all the while in Bernal Heights. (Jump across San Jose and you’re in Glen Park, where I live, too. Hi, neighbor!) This may not be the schmancy Cortland part of BH, but that’s the way I’ve always understood that neighborhood. In terms of reaching Outer Mission, just keep heading out Mission through the Excelsior until you cross Geneva and look to your right: Outer Mission, whoohoo! A friend of mine that grew up on Cayuga called this “Cayuga Terrace”. If you don’t get off Mission soon, then you will in fact be in Daly City.

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