An Attempted Mugging

Some dude tried to mug my friend Tracy last Monday night on the corner of 18th and Mission. She was standing near Yamo waiting to catch the 33 at about 10:30pm. She was checking the bus schedule on her iPhone when she noticed out of the corner of her eye a figure coming toward her in a deliberate fashion. She gripped her phone tighter.

With two hands, the man tried to grab it, but Tracy had it firmly and pulled away. She was repeating, “No,” and looking him in the eye. He looked down at her purse, which she had slung over her shoulder and around her torso, and then back at her face. She waited for him to act. She held her phone tight, and that purse wasn’t going anywhere.

In frustration, the man punched the purse, and walked away.

Tracy thinks that by making eye contact and keeping calm, she freaked the dude out. And she says that if she hadn’t been aware of her surroundings, he might easily have snatched the phone and been gone in a flash.

Here’s something else Tracy was aware of: There were people all around. Lots of people: Waiting for the bus, walking by. There was a woman right behind her talking on her phone. Nobody said or did anything.

The lessons? Always be aware of your surroundings, stay calm, and don’t necessarily count on the kindness of strangers. (Although, it’s possible the presence of all those people might have kept the dude from going to greater lengths to acquire Tracy’s riches. So maybe another lesson is thank goodness Mission sidewalks are always packed with people.)

Photo by GrimReynard.


My buddy Eric found the zine depicted by The Zeit Guide (hrmph, I like my spelling better) on top of a mailbox near his place.  Looks like they’re just getting started, but the zine they uploaded already contains some gems, such as:


Fast.  And loud.

If you don’t know what he just said, don’t ask him to repeat, just shout yes.  The more trouble for him, the worse the look, and the more questionable the preparation of food.

Don’t hover.  They’ll take longer and yell at you.

More tips for survival can be found here.  Let’s hope that these folks can keep it up!


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Delano’s IGA on the Ropes?

Could the vultures soon be circling the dessicated carcass of the Mission’s most convenient late-night supermarket?  Inquisitive reader Ann C. expresses her concern:

I was wondering if you guys know anything about the DeLano’s on 23rd and South Van Ness supposedly closing.  I noticed they were missing produce on Monday, and I asked one of the employees if they were remodeling.  He said they were actually supposed to CLOSE THE STORE that day, but it got postponed. 

I want that DeLano’s to stay open!!! It’s convenient and it’s not a Whole Foods.  I even like that it’s not a Safeway because it’s not crowded ever, and the employees that work there are really nice.  Can you guys look into this or something?   One of the checkers told me to contact DeLano’s and try to tell them to keep it open (415-381-6700). 

Has anyone else heard anything about this development?

It wouldn’t be completely unexpected, since supermarkets not named Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s have been having a notoriously rough go of it lately, as evidenced by the recent closure of the Nob Hill Cala Foods, which was replaced by (what else?) condos.  And let’s not forget that this particular South Van Ness location used to be a Cala Foods itself once before (and a Siris long before that, but that’s a whole other story for another time):

It’s difficult to keep up with the cheap produce prices at the myriad corner markets around the neighborhood.  Casa Lucas and the like are tough to beat with that 4 for a dollar avocado special.  I think Duc Loi is still going strong, but they cover a completely different niche.  And Ann herself does admit that the place is never even crowded.

Nonetheless, I would hate to see this place go, especially because the people that work there are soooo nice, and it’s great to have a place to turn when your hectic lifestyle precludes you from going grocery shopping until 1am.

BUMMERZ UPDATE!!!  Commenter Paul Valdez says:

Yes, it is true. Checker, Michelle, told me last weekend that they will close in one week. Too bad. Yes, they were all nice and the Delano family could’ve given that location some ‘attention’…

[Photos by Romleys, who seems to have somewhat of a penchant for supermarket history]