We Met on MySpace: Golden Soundscapes Turns 4

We’re gonna get Sunny Angulo her own WordPress account any day now, we swear. Until then, here is her latest report, featuring gorgeous photography by Peggy Peralta:

Who said Myspace is just a crowded digital wasteland lurking with creepy stalkers, annoying flashing tattoo icons and insecure teens bullying each other?

In fact, it has the potential to connect you with that special someone who might just end up your spouse. Well, maybe not you, but certainly maybe someone.

Such is the case for DJs Zita and DMadness, middle school teachers by day and two of the Bay Area’s hottest DJs by night.

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Guitarist Playing With His Dick, Then Pissing Into the Mouth of a Naked King Khan, Who Sprayed the Crowd

Our old pal mcas takes issue with SF Weekly‘s review of Tuesday night’s Almighty Defenders show. The Almighty Defenders are a rock ‘n’ roll supergroup made up of the Black Lips and the King Khan & BBQ Show. The review sings the praises of the groups individually, but complains that the supergroup was hard to listen to, and that their famously debaucherous stage antics were lackluster. Take it away, mcas:

the reviewer LEFT EARLY and missed the guitarist playing with his dick, then pissing into the mouth of a naked king khan, who sprayed the crowd
and king kahn knocked himself out stage diving naked
…unfortunately, i still havent showered yet.
so, ive got piss and king khans sweat all over me.
me: yikes
mcas: at one point, the guitarist was behind khan, both naked, him riding khan
as for the piss-spray.. hed been spraying whiskey all night.
at least 1 of my friends didnt realize that that spray WASNT whiskey
(it was an all ages show, FYI)
any pics?
im bummed i didnt get any.. but didnt want to drop my phone on the floor with all the piss and whiskey and blood on the floor…
me: word

It’s okay with me if a reviewer skips out on the end of a show; there are no rules here on the internet. But I’m glad we were able to set the record straight regarding so much penis and urine.

Also, the above images are stills from videos shot by screffie, videos we’ve posted after the jump — videos which corroborate SF Weekly’s contention that the band was kind of unlistenable. See for yourself:

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Scenes from The Final Days of Delano’s

I was feeling a little nostalgic, so I decided to make one last shopping trip to Delano’s for old time’s sake.  It was fairly disarming to witness firsthand the depleted shelves and bins throughout the store.  A few other shoppers milled about, almost seeming more interested in surveying the scene than picking out groceries. 

A somber air permeated the place, and not even the sounds of ABBA emanating from the tinny overhead speakers could shake out the funk.

Some of the more depressing shelves (plus an UPLIFTING STORY and an UPDATE!!!), after the jump:

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