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Banksy Fever Continues!

May 2, 2010

Are we over Banksy Fever? Ariel Dovas thinks “maybe”, but our top posts list says, “nope”.

Well, maybe it’s just Banksy Light-Cough at this point, but two new alleged Banksy pieces were discovered this weekend in places San Franciscans don’t go to very often: North Beach and Alcatraz:

On Columbus and Broadway

(via Toasted Blog)

On Alcatraz Island (!!!)

(via Uptown Almanac)

Finally, it looks like the folks who were blessed with Banksy’s “doctor” piece have realized it’s artistic merit (or business potential) and started cleaning up the vandalism it suffered last week at the hands of otter and others:

'It's very hard to get it'

(via SFist)

Alien Pilgrim

May 2, 2010

Photo by Sangroncito.

Neighborhood Whippits Users Now More Environmentally Conscious

May 2, 2010

Whereas they used to just ditch their paraphernalia wherever.

Photo by Kamekotron.

Valencia Launch Ramp

May 2, 2010

Who else almost caught some serious air off this thing today?

Popcorn Party

May 2, 2010

Bay Area Bites on Friday published a rundown of popcorn quality at a number of Bay Area movie theaters. They had some nice stuff to say about the Roxie:

They make fresh popcorn every night, popping it in peanut oil instead of the more commonly used canola oil. They also offer real butter as a topping and charge $4.50 for a large tub, the least expensive tub of popcorn in the survey.

AND Jennifer Hudson has something to do with it (unless this 3-year-old photo is out of date). Read on.

(Thanks, Brittney!)

Photo by allaboutgeorge.

UPDATE: Indeed, the Roxie says, “If you haven’t been in to see who is gracing the small, medium and large portions lately, you need to rectify that.”

Bitch Who Knows?

May 2, 2010

Penelope Popsicle just found this, the first phrase we’ve seen that might be able to compete in the same league with TOLD YO ASS!

Action in the Streets

May 2, 2010

Again, tell me they were filming a movie or something and this wasn’t all some kind of violent result of Kevin Montgomery’s nerd mixer clashing with the Self Edge denim bonanza. (Kevin and Kiya are not the best of friends.)

Photos by Sexy P.