Enough Banksy for Chu?

Another alleged Banksy in the Mission seems to have been defaced, but this time was also re-faced as notable protester of nothing in particular Frank Chu.  I definitely prefer this to some relatively unknown graffiti artist attaching his own stuff onto Banksy pieces in order to garner free publicity, but it could all just be another Laughing Squid prank.

[Photo by catiemagee, via Laughing Squid]


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Author: Andrew Sarkarati

caution is the path to mediocrity. gliding, passionless mediocrity is all that most people think they can achieve.

12 thoughts on “Enough Banksy for Chu?”

  1. What a crappy defacing (refacing?) though! Would look great if Frank’s face was mirrored horizontally.

    1. It’s art second, graffiti first. Which is to say, being overwritten, changed, painted over, etc… is all part of the scene.
      Lot’s of people might complain about what has/will happen to this piece, telling is that you’ll never hear Banksy do it though.

  2. That sign is not Frank. It lacks terminological authenticity of trans-galatic reference. It also refers directly to Frank – and to Banksy – by earth-names. It seems both squidish and shoppish. It might also be sarkaratastic.

  3. Um, this is NOT lame. Banksy is rad, but this is really self promotional for the movie. (taggers get tagged, part of the game). I enjoy how this makes the post SF specific, and the meta narrative created in the juxtoposition of the two pieces is pretty rad. I agree that the sign is not Chu enough, but maybe more metalayers will begin to appear.

  4. I, for one, think this is awesome. Even if the face is backwards. Banksy is just a tagger, and this wave of tags is just a commercial promo series. I’m a huge fan, but if he wants to advertise, he should do so legally. If he wants to be a street artist and a tagger, then he just got one-upped by a local. Win.

    1. Frank was not there this afternoon, Thurs 5th. It is either a prank or temporary, either way I liked it.

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