The California Honeydrops Talk BART Busking

In this video, Lesch from the California Honeydrops (with bonus Quinn Deveaux on the tub bass!) talks about playing music in BART stations. I was really interested to hear how he has found that he could tell exactly what kind of day the passengers have had just by looking at their faces.

As a daily commuter, I know regularly I barrel past buskers without even giving them a glance, even if I really dig what they’re doing. Maybe it’s because I think I’m in a hurry. Maybe it’s because I really have had a shitty day. Or maybe it’s because I don’t have any singles or I don’t feel like tipping. At any rate, I think I’ll be more conscious of it in the future.

There, now aren’t you glad that dude’s balls are no longer the topmost post? I am.

Author: Vic Wong

I own a sword. I like to write. I am a software engineer for I am a gypsy jazz guitarist.

5 thoughts on “The California Honeydrops Talk BART Busking”

  1. Cool beans. Wish we had them at CC Bart. All we get in the mornings is that shitty accordian player with his dog whos about to croak from boredom.

    1. Yeah, not a fan of that guy. Outrageous colored tux + adorable dog does not equal good music. Also, not big on that dude with the glasses that plays celtic violin. He’s not terrible or anything, but not really special and I’ve seen him get nasty with other buskers about territory.

      There are a few kick ass performers in CC though. I love that older black guy in the wifebeater that plays guitar and stomps out some kick ass soul tunes. He always brings the energy level to 11. I see him at 19th st oakland more often.

      There’s this guy who plays classical ukulele really beautifully too. Sometimes I catch him doing it late at night, but usually he just bangs out Johnny Cash tunes on the guitar. Then there’s that skinny cowboy kid with the extremely effeminate voice. Not so into the music but I can tell he’s talented as fuck.

      1. We used to get “Happy guy” in the mornings but I guess Accordian guy started claiming squatters rights. I agree with you on that black doode who plays Soul / Blues. Sometimes he’ll team up with the cello player and when he hits those high notes, it sends a chill down my spine.

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