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Ladies in a Cage

May 13, 2010

So, how were these street arts applied? Must have been ship-in-a-bottle style! OR… somebody at SF Public Works went to ART SCHOOL!

Photo by rkallerud.

Tonight’s Hamburger Eyes Opening May Include Cellphone Photos

May 13, 2010

Cellphone photos on the wall at a proper art opening!? Head Hamburger Eye Ray Potes tells us this just might be the case. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Anyway, this show is sure to be dope either way. See you tonight!

‘Some Kind Of Awesome Convention’

May 13, 2010

Nice. The Tens captured some highlights from Mission fashion week.

Segway to Work Day

May 13, 2010

Today is Bike to Work Day 2010, so naturally Segway Steve has to show up without a bicycle.  You’re going the wrong way, man!  I’m going to let the metaphor in this photo speak for itself:

Anyway, let’s see what kind of neat schwag came in the bag this year!  While I didn’t get a t-shirt this year (long story short:  riding my housemate’s ex-boyfriend’s fixie due to yesterday’s incident, and it was so hard to get my feet into the toe clips that once I finally did, no way was I taking them out again, forcing me to only grab a bag while rolling by the recharge station–BTW, nice pass volunteer!), this year’s bag seems jam packed with fun stuff.  So let’s see what we have here . . .

Nice bag logo!  The colors and cycle outlines are quite aesthetically pleasing.  Woah, and nice spot Meli!  Also, good choice with cool mint for the CLIF Bar flavor, guys.  Tube times, sticker–but wait!  What’s this?  A front bike light??!?!!??  AWESOME!!!  Thanks for making me legal, Bike to Work Day 2010!


Segway Finally Joins the Market Street Bicycle Commute

Timbuk2 Bike To Work Day Event Tomorrow

Freshly Painted Green Bike Lanes on Market Apparently Not Quite Enough

Seriously, Shimano?

Drink And Draw In Honor Of Frank Frazetta Tomorrow

May 13, 2010

"Castle of Sin" 1978

Did you really think that role-playing / fantasy geeks actually give a shit about wizards and broadswords and stuff? The truth is, they are in it for the voluptuous fantasy babes. No one understood this better than legendary painter and apparent ass man Frank Frazetta, who passed away Monday.

In his honor, Mission Comics & Art is hosting a “Memorial Drink and Draw,” featuring live art, music, and models. I assume “models” means Vampirella-type female models, but it could very well mean paintable Warhammer 40000 pewter models. Attend at your own risk.

The event starts at 8pm tomorrow at 3520 20th St. More info at on their blog.

The Second Coming of Seitan

May 13, 2010

Seitan is back at Bender’s! Wednesday nights only!

Last night they had these tacos loaded with freshly grilled homemade seitan and other fixins. But that didn’t stop Bender’s regulars from agitating for the triumphant return of Buffalo Girls. Maybe next week.

Don’t forget your tots!

Trashcan Beautification Project

May 13, 2010

And then they posed with it. One of the girls got on it, like it was the hood of a muscle car or something.