Arizmendi Is Coming!

If you already love Arizmendi, you know why this news is epic news. If you don’t already love Arizmendi, you will soon. Just look at that pizza and those happy owner-bakers eating it! Just look at this cheese scone I had last September:

Yum! And the cookies are amaaaaaazing.

Pizza photo by meganallison.

10 thoughts on “Arizmendi Is Coming!”

  1. Yum and meh.

    The two most overused words on the web.

    That said, the slices look good from what I can see.

  2. Come on dude, no details? I guess you’d have to leave the mission to go to Arizmendi in the Sunset and ask them when they’re actually opening!

    I walk by that papered-up window daily, taunted by promises of delicious pizza…. but when?

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