RIP Ripley

Word has come down, riding upon the mystical winds of the corridor of the great Valencia that Ripley, the hairless wonder that sat in the window or on the counter of Borderlands Books, has perished.

Seriously, we wish the owners the best, that was one amazing feline.

UPDATE: So, I’m no reporter, that much is clear. Claud informs me in the comments that my picture is of Ash, who is, thankfully, alive and well. Ripley is seen below in a picture from the Borderlands website. Thanks to Claud, and sorry to all our readers.

Read an announcement from the owners and share your thoughts here.

(thanks, laurie bk)

9 thoughts on “RIP Ripley”

  1. Aw man, sad to hear it. I figured this had to be coming when the two new cats showed up, but still: Ripley was just an awesome cat, despite looking a bit like a radiation victim.

  2. Just for the record, that’s a picture of Ash, the younger cat, above — cf. Ripley with the pink snout. Ash is still fine, thank goodness.

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