Stopping Hipsters

How does one stop a hipster?

[via Janebook]

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8 Comments on “Stopping Hipsters”

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  2. Cranky Old Mission Guy Says:

    By neutering people who call other people “hipsters”?

  3. BBeckett Says:

    An Evanescence/Mat Kearney/Nickelback/Gwen Stefani playlist?

  4. Antjuan Oden Says:


  5. chalkman Says:

    $1 PBR will stop most hipsters in their tracks…

  6. Neo Displacer Says:

    If you can’t wait for them to crash on their own volition you can throw a pump into their spokes ala the mean Italians in breaking away.

  7. youyouyouwhy Says:

    you ask them to think critically about their carbon footprint

  8. Anybody who uses stencils and spraypaint to deface public signs is a fucking hipster. This bit of stencil art strikes me as Ironic, and self aware. perhaps I’m giving the hipster too much credit?

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