Adobe Books NOT in Peril

So wrote reader Adam G. on Saturday night:

Went to Adobe tonight. Confirmed that they are NOT closing. A couple of art projects that features tag lines like “Everything must go!” and whatnot must have led to the rumor.

Darn art! Always making you think and shit.

Photo by SFist.

6 thoughts on “Adobe Books NOT in Peril”

  1. “Buy a goddamned book already.”

    I buy goddamned books all the time. My wife is pretty annoyed about that, but I refuse to quit. I LOVE books. Nevertheless, I have not crossed the street to see what Adobe has TWICE, in the past few days, because of those signs. Guess my wife wins a couple, there.

    Dude, owner of Adobe Books — if you don’t want to be in the book business, don’t. I’ve been there. Go make yourself happy. If you DO want to be in the book business, find someone else to do your publicity.

    And for fuck’s sake, open at 11 AM. There’s three different viable markets: morning people, afternoon people, and evening people. Throw the morning people ONE hour, anyway.

    Actually, there’s a late night market, too, but you’re only going to get insomniacs like Sherman Alexie. Well I remember, shopping at Twice-Sold Tales in Seattle, which was open all night on weekends.

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