Your New Heart

Afraid and Shy, I Let My Chance Go By, A Chance That You Might Have Loved Me Too
(photo by Thomas Hawk)

You’ve seen those huge hearts all over the city. You have your own feelings about them. I don’t know what those feelings are. But here’s the thing: from now until August 25th the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation is accepting artist submissions for new hearts. So go design your own!

You can do something that tests the limits, like David Lynch did, you can do something plain like Tony Bennett’s face eating the Golden Gate Bridge, or you can do whatever the heck you want.

Get entry forms at the Heroes & Hearts 2011 website.

7 thoughts on “Your New Heart”

    1. I think that in this case, “I don’t know what they are” means “I’m going to pretend not to care what they are because it’s cool to not really care about stuff.”

      1. Actually I was referring to your feelings about them, not the hearts.

        It seems weird to me that you would see that I can link to the website and get a picture of them without knowing how to use Google to find the same website that was already linked.

        Sorry if my syntax isn’t working for you guys, I guess I must think I’m too cool or blah blah blah.

        I’ll change it, but feel free to keep making snap judgements and flexing your sarcastic pecs.

      2. Apologies. Sincerely. Still getting used to the “now with less snark” Mission Mission.

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