A Few Changes At Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist Scene

If you go to Zeitgeist right now the front door is blocked off and the new entrance is on the Valencia side of the patio. According to the doorman they had to make some upgrades or repairs which cast light on a few other code violations and now the whole place is getting a facelift. It seems the biggest changes are the removal of the porta potties with the addition of actual bathrooms over in the far (Southeast) corner of the outdoor area, and that the bar will now be open to the outside, so you can order from the deck under the overhang. I wasn’t sure if the original entrance would be restored or if we’ll be strolling directly onto the patio from the street for good.

It sounds like the overall flow of the space will be different, but that it won’t have much effect on the atmosphere that we all love to hate. People will still come by looking to have a nice chat with the bartender while they mix up their Harvey Wallbanger and end up running home in a tizzy to get on Yelp and write about wishing there was a way to give a bar no stars. Which is exactly, I assume, how we all want it.

Anyway, here’s a bonus bar doodle:


19 thoughts on “A Few Changes At Zeitgeist”

  1. The facade is going to be updated at least a bit, with the cable and phone wiring taken off the outside of the building and moved inside. As a resident, I’m kind of hoping this means they’ll repaint the exterior, too.

      1. No worries! I think whatever reaction to “evil regulations”and “the status quo” aside, folks who spend a lot of time here seem to be surprised, amused and optimistic about changes. At least in my subjective estimation.

        The carpenters are moving quickly. Comcast? Not so much.

        All that said, I’m fairly certain I witnessed the doorman refuse entry to the occupants of one of those party trolley buses dressed up like a cable car last weekend, so I’m quietly assured that any beautification efforts stop at the building.

  2. It seems like it’s been quite a while since they pulled out the old grill. There’s been some slow, but fairly steady work an updated outdoor grill station. The burgers are still pretty awesome on the indoor grill (especially for the price), but I really hope they finish that up before they start another big renovation project.

    1. Ha, that’s nothing compared to the ice luges. On the new rooftop patio. Beer will be twice as expensive, but the bartenders will smile.

  3. Dude, I thought you weren’t allowed to take pictures on the patio there!

    Of course, I’ve taken plenty of them myself over the years — I’ve also gotten yelled at for trying when spotted.

  4. So long as they have the guy grilling stuff outside eventually say “fuck it” and storm off in the middle of the shift, it’ll still be Zeitgeist.

  5. You whippersnappers. I remember when Zeitgeist had only a single picnic table outside (for real) and we had to walk 7 miles in the snow to get a microbrew (well, not for real). But now you folks are really behind the times since the best place to drink beer is now in O-town. No one goes to the Zeitgeist anymore. It’s waaay too crowded!

  6. If you could buy meth from the bartenders or smoke pot openly there, would you kids still like the place?

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