Emily’s Seasonal Soul Food Coming Soon to 19th and Lexington

Reader Laurie V. tells us what’s up:

Thought you might be interested in this tidbit: I live a few doors
down from the corner of 19th & Lexington (you know, where the lesbian
bar is). There was an old corner shop there that shut down 3 years ago
and has been closed ever since. 2 years ago, construction started on
turning it into a new restaurant — but it never seemed to get it
together. There’d be a burst of construction for a month, then it
would suddenly stop again. As neighbours, we got planning permission
letters every time it applied for a licence, which it did under 3
different names over 2 years. I’d just resigned myself to the fact
that it would never open, but today on my walk home I spotted a bunch
of people drinking inside, so I knocked on the window and asked what
was up. It turns out the place changed hands again last week; one
“Emily” has taken over the lease and says they plan to open in
October, serving “seasonal soul food”. I sure hope they do, as it
would be great to have a new restaurant 2 doors away! (To say nothing
of the awesome-in-concept Hog and Rocks, which looks like it is nearly
ready to open)

Yum! Thanks, Laurie!

Hella old photo by Seldo.

11 thoughts on “Emily’s Seasonal Soul Food Coming Soon to 19th and Lexington”

  1. Speaking of which, Cafe Prague @ Mission + Sycamore has indeed gone belly-up — because, I’m guessing, it was empty a lot.

    ‘Gee, what do they want? We gave them a handful of vaguely-authentic dishes and a short list of beers and interior seating so depressing that they HAD to sit at the cafeteria/picnic-style tables in the enclosed alley-like backyard, regardless of the weather, to avoid having their meals ruined by homeless people pressing their faces and/or asses against the greasy, paint-smeared windows! What could be more authentically MISSION?!’

    But I digress. :)

    Believe me, I PRAY that the new owners (who plan to open some sort of undefined, to the general public, restaurant called “The Sycamore”) do much better — starting with the decor, which, under the old management, began and ended with metallic gold poster paper. And, Jesus H. Walrustitty, if you’re reading this, PLEASE get rid of that disgusting old “Weird Fish” Dutch door! Let’s have a righteous good restaurant that brings something welcome to one of the worst blocks in The Mission — not something that reflects its existing malaise.

    That said, I actually liked Cafe Prague’s Goulash Paprika. I wish it had been 25% smaller, a dollar or two cheaper, and served someplace else. I always left feeling like I had fallen down a manhole, had my pockets picked, and been stuffed to the gills with savory calories.

      1. Country Station. Took me a few years before I decided to hoist up my panties enough to check the place out, but it was pretty solid. Sushi was mostly adequate, but what made it a favorite was the incongruous location, and the wonderful, lively atmosphere. You couldn’t count on them necessarily being open on any given night, but the staff there were all very friendly, and I always had a good time.

      2. Country Station. Hey, any idea when the doors shut on Cafe Prague? We were thinking of trying it out for the first time, tonight of all nights.

      3. @Jeff — I guess it was a week-and-a-half or two weeks ago, but plans had been public since at least March.

        Honestly, I don’t think you missed all that much. If you like Czech (or Hungarian) food, it was a decent quick fix — but you could probably get the appropriate cookbook and do just as well yourself. The new owners have already replaced the old Sycamore St. gate/wall to the patio, so I feel sure that the tradition of outside dining will continue. Besides, that’s better than half the seating of the place. What they should have done was grab the shop next door and bust-out the wall between, but that place appears to have been snapped-up by yet ANOTHER phony mentalist, after the last one was evicted for failure to pay rent and garbage pick-up. OY!

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