Ribity in Rabbit Drag Has Foot-Long Dong

It’s been a while since Ribity’s done anything of note around these parts. Way to come back with a vengeance, old pal.

Now, the big question is, should Rabbity Ribity be the new Mission Mission mascot?

Thanks to Penelope Popsicle for hipping us to this new development.


Ribity in a Pickle

Marquee Ribity

Ribity in Berlin

Ribity Bound for China

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5 Comments on “Ribity in Rabbit Drag Has Foot-Long Dong”

  1. Almost like me, I reckon.

  2. jksfjksf Says:

    that is a bag by marc jacobs i think. i know parts of it are digitally altered, i think they may have added the penis and changed ribitys tag to rabit.

  3. It is a Marc Jacob’s bag. I thought it was kinda weird that they used and changed it.

  4. […] Right? Or was Ribity so trashed one night he forgot how to spell his own name? Or does this have something to do with Marc Jacobs too? […]

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