Cyclist Beaten and Stabbed for Being a Cyclist

Woah, guys.  Careful out there!  Word is out this morning that shortly after midnight earlier today a cyclist was riding his bike near the Broadway and Embarcadero intersection when he was confronted by three men whom, as Officer Albie Esparza explains, proceeded to “punch and stab him multiple times.”

Particularly worrisome is the fact that neither his belongings nor his bicycle were stolen, leading some to believe that he was targeted by these ne’er-do-wells solely due to the fact that he was riding a bicycle.  Taken in conjunction with the scumbag who recently mowed down 4 cyclists in psychotic rage, hopefully we aren’t seeing the beginning of some new violent anti-cyclist movement brewing.

SF Appeal has the scoop.

[Photo by jorsan75]


Creep In An SUV Targeted 4 Cyclists Last Night

Author: Andrew Sarkarati

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26 thoughts on “Cyclist Beaten and Stabbed for Being a Cyclist”

  1. Maybe these were people pissed off by Critical Massholes… or maybe he was targeted for a reason totally different than riding a bike…

    Seriously guys, no need to sound off the alarms just yet.

  2. The victim is Latino, though race possibly being an alternate factor doesn’t actually make me feel better about this. This sucks all around. I mean, what would be an understandable reason for this beating?

  3. I don’t blame the victim,but I strongly urge Critical Mass people to really think about what they do. I’v been trying to communicate to some of them for years that by blocking traffic they make themselves targets for the rage of peoplewho are already extremely frustrated,and just want to get home. WHile it’s true that they might be happier if they weren/t driving,it’s also true that bicycling is just not a viable solution for many commuters. They live to far waya,they can;t arrive at work all sweaty,etc. I lobbie congress for bike lanes in 1970,s part of the origial earthday,I was a bicycle messenger,I have a long term sympathetic understanding if bicycle issues,and I have to say,I’ve encountered many riders who have a self -righteous superior attitude twds drivers. Maybe this poor guy who was attacked doesn;t ,but maybe he’s being scapegoated. One of the thing sI see allthe time in Cali is bike riders who exect cars to share the laen with them,and also expect the same crs to stop for them in a cross walk,Lik they thingk they have the right of a vehicle when they want,or a pedestrian when they want. of course there are many drivers who have no respect,drive and even stop in the bike lane,drive so close to bikes they endanger their lives etc. The whole thing needs a lot of work.

  4. “…targeted …solely due to the fact that he was riding a bicycle.”


      1. Whats worse, is that the Title is:
        “Cyclist Beaten and Stabbed for Being a Cyclist”
        In the body of the post they use the words: “leading some to believe…” which is their “out” or excuse.
        But to have the damm title only say:”Cyclist Beaten and Stabbed for Being a Cyclist” is so wrong on many levels.
        And the only reason this conclusion was came to, was because “neither his belongings nor his bicycle were stolen”?
        Add the fact that some psycho ran people down on bikes last month and now we have a conspiracy of a bike killing nuts on the loose all of a sudden.
        Maybe im missing something….am I?
        Do you have some insight or info that we’re not privy to?
        I haven’t heard all the details.
        Did the 3 assailants scream “There’s a bicyclist now…GET HIM” or did the repeat in a frenzied rage: WE HATE BIKES AND PEOPLE WHO RIDE THEM” over and over as they beat and stabbed him?

        If they did, i sincerely apologize….i just never heard that reported.
        Did you?


      2. We hired these really sweet and totally illegal dudes to paint our house.

        We befriended them and boy did they open up about being Latino and male in the city.

        Basically it boiled down to this: If you are Latino, male, young and out & about in this city, you have a giant target on your face.

        And its not about SFPD. Its gang banger assholes whose idea of a good time is trying to kill you just for appearing on their primeval radar screen.

        I am willing to bet dollars to donuts that this is exactly what happened to this poor guy — and its a really important subject: whole populations here are targeted by evil shits.

        But of course, the vainglorious fools of the me-me-me crowd have the audacity to carve it into their own little victim fantasy, because after all, who gives a shit about the truth when your mania is the only thing you care about?

      3. There’s some irony in the fact that you would criticize his assumption of the basis of the attack being cycling with your own crackpot theory about race. The attackers and victim might have some insight into the motives of the attack but I sincerely doubt any techies do.

  5. Last Friday I picked up a buddy from the Amtrak in Emeryville and witnessed a youth attack a woman on a bike for what appeared to be no damn good reason. He charged, pushed her over, wailed on her and took off. Didn’t take the bike and when I checked on her, she said he didn’t say anything, just attacked. She’s fine, just a bit shaken.
    He was caught and a witness report filed. After this and the stabbing last weekend, being a bike rider, I’m a bit worried. Hoping it’s random and not a trend

  6. About a year ago i saw a guy get attacked in the Mission.
    He was just walking down the street and 2 guys pushed and hit him. He was walking on foot.

    This ,of course, leads me to believe that thugs are targeting pedestrians. They have a thing about people walking. be careful all you walkers out there…you are being targeted!

      1. It doesnt matter Miss PaddyW.
        It was a joke, dumbass.
        I made the whole thing up to prove a point.
        After all is said and done…your only comment is: “did you think he was walking on his hands?”

        What is the reason for your post?
        To point out something that is neither important, nor mildly amusing?

        im sure you must have some opinion about something …that is somewhat pertinent to the conversation…right?

        If not ….just weigh-in on my spelling or grammar.

      2. Ooh poor bike rider has her knickers tied up in a knot!

        There’s nothing wrong with your grammar; Your only problem is that you are a silly twat.

        Poor thing, you need a life if all it takes is a little humor to set you off.

        Go polish your pink rims instead.

        Maybe oil your anodized chain.

        Perhaps your American Apparel jeans are just too tight and the constriction on your shrunken testicles is making you cranky.

    1. 1st of all i dont own a bike.
      2nd you have no idea of my gender, age group, nor where i even live.

      Keep guessing idiot. And what difference does even make if i was in fact a girl who rode a bike in the city with pink rims?
      What difference does that make?
      Again…”What is the reason for your post?
      To point out something that is neither important, nor mildly amusing?”

      Oh and keep guessing on who and how i am.

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