KKKatie Upppdate

ABC 7 is following the story closely, and they put a little update up yesterday in which we can listen to the 911 call what got her put away (can’t wait for the dance remix!!) — and we learn where she’s at:

Katie Dunbar is under observation on the C-Pod, a sub-acute psychiatric unit in San Francisco’s County Jail #2.  Inmates there are not allowed access to the media.

Read on.


KKKatie BBBusted!

16 thoughts on “KKKatie Upppdate”

  1. Oh, ABC7: “…it gives us an inside look at the world of graffiti and street art, and the people behind it.”

    Really? How? And who else does this give us insight to, beyond her…?

    Then, they shit on bloggers (including MM) for covering it. Huh?

  2. “Dunbar allegedly attempted to spray-paint an African-American man who tried to report the Bay to Breakers vandalism on Sunday and then allegedly made racial comments to him and threatened him with false claims of rape if he reported the incidents.”

    Sad…but maybe the whole schizophrenia thing will pan out so that she won’t have to take actual responsibility for all of this.

  3. An interesting news story, a very difficult case and one emotionally disturbed tagger. I don’t approve of her hate speech nor do I believe she has the right to write racist or hateful messages on public property. I think she needs psychological help and should be sentenced to graffiti clean up.

    1. Sadly, for this person, the treatment of Francis Farmer gave lobotomy a bad reputation.

      Seriously… GRAFFITI CLEAN UP?! As a form of therapy OR punishment, that’s a joke. Graffiti clean-up is no different from making graffiti, to a tagger. It’s FUCKING WITH WALLS. No one should get off with that for tagging.

      This person should face something that would make her seriously reconsider her lifestyle (if that’s possible). Public service, unless it’s totally unrelated to the crime, is inappropriate. Public service for anyone who seems mentally disturbed is also unfair to the public.

  4. Furthermore, I truly doubt “Racism” has anything to do with this chick’s spazfest……just messing with symbols that get people all bent and twisted and righteous. People suck on all side of every coin.

  5. Finally, shut the fuck up Cranky old git, your schtick is played out, mr. Voice of the Blue-Collar Past.

    No diss to Ben Davis

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