High-Speed Food Fight on an Icy Mountain Road

Last week we held a contest in partnership with INNA pickle INNA jam. To win a bunch of jams and pickles, you needed to tell us your best story involving pickles or jam or being in a pickle or jam. Jen’s story takes the cake:

Revenge is best served smeared with a dollop of strawberry jam. We were chugging along in our old tank of a Volvo, in bumper to bumper traffic, trying to escape the blizzard sweeping into Lake Tahoe. The litterbugs in the car in front of us decided to toss a nearly full can of Coke out their window. Had the half-frozen can actually struck our windshield, it doubtless would have shattered our only protection from the blisteringly cold weather. Instead, it miraculously missed by a centimeter, bouncing instead off the metal side structural support. Furious, our driver managed to maneuver in front of them. Being unable to handle both breakfast and windy mountain roads, I had skipped breakfast that morning. Fortuitously, the jelly donut was still perched on the dashboard. The shotgun passenger rolled down the window, took careful aim, and lobbed the donut at the thoughtless louts in the car behind us. It splattered directly in the center of their windshield. Trying desperately to get strawberry jam out of their only line of sight, they made the mistake of turning on their windshield wipers. The result was that their vision was now completely obscured by smeared strawberry jam, and they had to pull over to clean it off by hand in the icy cold.

Whoa! Way to use some jam to get yourselves out of a pickle!

The folks at INNA will be delivering to Jen’s front door the following prize package:

2 jars of albion STRAWBERRY jam
1 jar of plenty spicy JALAPEÑO jam
1 jar of bread + butter persian CUCUMBER pickles
a perpetual postcard calendar


The rest of us can still be winners too, by cashing in on INNA’s July-Only Annual Jam-and-Pickle Subscription Special!


Legit Rap Song About Volvo Station Wagon


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