Target Shuts Down Timbuk2’s Recycled-Plastic-Bag Messenger Bag Project

Oh look, another reason to be down on Target.

Actually, this one might be a blessing in disguise. I don’t know too many folk who would wear the Target logo with much pride anyway.

How about this: Do the same thing with plastic bags from smaller regional chains. All the cool kids transplanted here from Ohio would go crazy for a Giant Eagle messenger. And the kids from down south (and plenty of kids not from down south) would shell out for sure for Piggly Wiggly messengers. The Michiganders would lose their minds over a Meijer messenger. And how about a Kum & Go? And a Kroger’s?

Blessing in disguise, T2! Capitalize!

Timbuk2 has the cease-and-desist order here.

Photo by YMFY.

8 thoughts on “Target Shuts Down Timbuk2’s Recycled-Plastic-Bag Messenger Bag Project”

  1. The C&D is dated 2007– and TB2 stopped doing lamitron in 4/9/2008 (post ‘We Hit a Wall’).

    …Why is this being posted…? Is there not a recent/relevant TB2 story Mission Mission could post, instead…?

  2. I wrapped my Smart Car in Target bags. Just driving through San Bruno.

    No complaints from Target yet.

  3. I wouldn’t pay money for it, but I saw someone rocking a Happy Harry’s messenger bag, you can safely bet $10 I’d say something to them. Positively. Especially since that store doesn’t exist any more.

  4. Hilarious! Happy Harry’s! My dad name of Harry would have loved this! I think Mission Mission is great for posting this story. It’s wonderful anti-corporate stuff. And real news.

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