Steve Jobs at Flour and Water

Sources say that after he was turned away due to the +1 hour wait, his entourage proceeded to Arinell, the best pizza in the city.

[Photo by ladylexy, via SFoodie]

Author: Andrew Sarkarati

caution is the path to mediocrity. gliding, passionless mediocrity is all that most people think they can achieve.

19 thoughts on “Steve Jobs at Flour and Water”

  1. Don’t know why y’all keep referring to Arinell’s as the best in the city. I suspect a trade-out, or Pizzola.
    Check out a deep dish cornmeal crust from Mozerella Di Bufala sometime, thank me later.

  2. “Best” is relative. To me, it’s definitely the best slice shop in the City. So there’s little point in talking about better pizza at, say, Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, because I can’t go there and walk out, a few minutes later, with a slice in my hand.

    And, yeah, the deep-dish cornmeal crust pies at Mozarella di Buffala are awesome but:
    1. That’s a totally different genre of pizza.
    2. It’s all the way over in West Portal.
    3. For deep-dish, I’d argue for Zachary’s in Berkeley.

    Anyway…Arinell’s: best slice shop in the Mission and the City at large. (Best slice shop in Berkeley, too.)

  3. 1. As a long-time restaurant slave, flour + water has some cajones making Mr. V.I.P Jobs wait, and color me impressed.
    2. Arinell’s is dee-lish for many reasons, but especially when almost all of the band The Cuts were working there a couple of years ago.
    3. Serranos is dee-lish too, but for different reasons, and I shall end with
    4. Vive le difference (pardon my bad French)

  4. Another vote for Arinell’s as Best Pizza in the City. I ate a pizza at Delfina the other day to see what all the hoopla there is about — and it was about 5x more expensive and 3x less good.

    1. best when you consider all possible categories for excellence. maybe not best when you consider sourced ingredients, but we’re looking at the whole pie here

  5. Jobs: “I demand a seat, immediately!”
    Waiter: “Um, well you’ll have to wait.”
    Jobs: “Do you have an iPhone?”
    Waiter: “Of course.”
    Jobs: “Did you know I can make it self destruct just by snapping my fingers? Here, let me show you…”
    Waiter (shoves patrons out of the way): “Oh look, a table just opened up…”

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