Bottle Cap Cycling Mirror

Meli at Bikes and the City met this MacGuyver of bike rear view mirrors. I love the idea, but I wonder how he cut the mirror or if he just found one that fits.

Quick, without peeking, what kind of beer is that cap from? Head over to Bikes and the City for the answer.

Author: Vic Wong

I own a sword. I like to write. I am a software engineer for I am a gypsy jazz guitarist.

8 thoughts on “Bottle Cap Cycling Mirror”

    1. That is a very valid concern – It has happened, and is a risk when using any mirror of this type. Take a Look, Bottle cap mirror.

  1. I’ve seen someone on the road with one and had the same thought as MrEric — its CRAZY to have a jagged peice of metal 4 inches from your eye.

    Sure the odds are low, but why tempt fate?

    Best recycled beer accessory i’ve seen is someone using belgian beer corks as end plugs on a road bike.

    1. So my brother got in this nasty bike accident back in high school. When he flipped over his handlebars his glasses broke and the punctured his face. I guess he should have been wearing contacts and not have tempt fate. Then again, he does like to live a little. And he now has a pretty cool scar.

      FWIW, I think the mirror is pretty rad.

    1. you can find little round mirrors that would fit in a bottle cap at places like Hobby Lobby or Micheal’s

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