Breaking: Proposed 17th and Folsom Park Will Be Green

Planning for the proposed park on 17th and Folsom is shaping up nicely.

The current design includes such non-standard park fare as a community garden area, an outdoor classroom, greenhouses, rain-collecting barrels, and even “demonstration gardens for wildlife habitat and water conservation”. Holy crap, was this thing designed by EarthFirst?

As if that weren’t enough, the park also features espaliered fruit tree fences and a bioswale! What, you don’t know what those are? Good thing Curbed SF did this thing called “research” that we casual bloggers keep hearing about:

And so you don’t have to look them big words up: a bioswale is a planted filter for water runoff from paved areas, sort of a ditch with a reason. Espalier, originally French and both a noun and a verb, is the technique of training a plant, most commonly a fruit tree, to grow on a grid or a fence.

[via Curbed SF]

Author: Vic Wong

I own a sword. I like to write. I am a software engineer for I am a gypsy jazz guitarist.

5 thoughts on “Breaking: Proposed 17th and Folsom Park Will Be Green”

  1. Parking in this area is already a nightmare, and now they are taking away one of the few public lots in an area surrounded by businesses. I love parks, grass, trees, etc. but the traffic nightmare, combined with the pick up/drop off congestion at St Charles and the new theater going up on 17th and Shotwell, I think we need the parking lot much more.

  2. I was excited– I thought a “bioswale” was something that uses human shit to power its used-needle recycler/sterilizer,

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