Buy a Mission Reds Jersey!

Burrito Justice hipped us to the Mission Reds some time ago:

Mission Reds baseball players, Heinie Sand, Clyde Beck, Jim Stoner, Al Wright, and Babe Dahlgren. Date 1934 Apr. 9.

When I first saw that picture I thought, “man, that guy who set his coffee down on the lower left hand corner really ruined this shot for future generations.” Then I thought, “how cool would it be to have a reproduction of the Mission Reds uniform?”

Well it looks like someone answered that call. Burrito J commenter Andrew pointed out that Ebbet’s Field Flannels has them for sale:

While they aren’t 100% faithful reproductions, it’s still a pretty cool hat tip to the only baseball team named for a neighborhood where Latinos and Hipsters politely ignore each other’s existence. The downside? They cost $185. Not exactly recession pricing. But hey, maybe if enough of us commit to a bulk order they’ll knock it down a few.


Wrong caption for the old-timey photo. Updated. (thanks Trapper!)

More Mission Reds paraphernalia from Ebbet’s:

Ball Cap $35

Road Jersey $185

Ground Crew Jacket $79


Major League Mission

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7 Comments on “Buy a Mission Reds Jersey!”

  1. Eddie Says:

    Full list of San Francisco Missions jerseys:

  2. Hmm, they certainly claim that the jerseys they sell are faithful reproductions. What makes them not?

  3. J-Lub Says:

    They have the Reds grounds crew jackets (which I think are cooler) for $79.

  4. Loucifer Says:

    For $35, you can get a handsome wool Mission Reds cap:

    As a frequent customer of Ebbets, I usually wait until they have a sale, which happens every few months on average. A month or two ago, they had a $99 sale on all PCL jerseys (including the Mission Reds, Seals, and Oaks). Sign up for their mailing list and bide your time. Very nice stuff if you’re into throwbacks.

  5. Trapper Says:

    You pulled the wrong photo caption from Burrito Justice’s page. For anyone interested, the SFPD Library’s caption info on the photo shown here is as follows:
    Mission Reds baseball players, Heinie Sand, Clyde Beck, Jim Stoner, Al Wright, and Babe Dahlgren. Date 1934 Apr. 9.

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