Mildred In Gestalt’s Bathroom

Mildred In Gestalt

One of a few weirdos watching you do your business and laughing all the time.

I’m assuming this is done with the bar owner’s blessing, if not cash. If you don’t want your bathroom ending up a crazy mess like every other men’s room in the area it might be a good idea to hire a street artist to create a trippy space for people to check out during their alone time. As you see above, there are still tags, but nothing like there could be.

Are there other examples of street art/graffiti done with the owner’s permission that improved a space or acted as a deterrent to more graffiti?

A Window Into The Previous Colors

One failed effort that comes to mind is the piece that was allowed to cover the outside of The Rite Spot, but with immediate complaints from the old school patrons (and apparent dislike by the staff) they painted the whole thing over sky blue. Now it’s just hated by confused birds.

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2 Comments on “Mildred In Gestalt’s Bathroom”

  1. stiiv Says:

    Hey, what was the story with Rite Spot’s graffiti? I actually kind of liked it.

    • Ariel Dovas Says:

      I talked to one of the bartenders and she said the owner agreed to have it painted, but it ended up totally not going along with the feel of an old-time jazz bar and restaurant. The regulars complained and the staff in general seemed to be displeased with it so they just had it completely covered.

      It seems to me that they could have realized that sooner, but who knows. I thought it looked cool, but agree that if they wanted something that fits the mood it should be something else. Hopefully they’ll put some planning into that and maybe have someone design something new.

      I’d love to do it . . . . . .

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