Junior Banksy?

Someone seems to be timing the re-issue of the Banksy film with some new art of the same style.

Regardless of who did it, what do you make of the message?

(Thanks for spotting and sending, reader Dave!)

Update: Another one spotted on Lexington at 19th. (Thanks Jeannine!)

12 thoughts on “Junior Banksy?”

      1. to draw humor from the events surrounding the assignation of an American President (you are an American citizen right?), even if tangentially and/or implicitly, is in poor taste.

        What if someone had a stencil of the World Trade Center Towers (one on fire, and the other with a plane smashing into it) and the caption read: “New I-Banker bought me ….” Poor taste.

      2. Really? There are these things called satire, dark humor, etc. Not that I totally agree that this is trying to draw humor.

        Sometimes we need to poke fun at things a bit to get to a better understanding of the situation. I feel weird even having to explain this.

      3. @dovas: call them what you like (“dark humor, satire, etc.”) but all those things can be done in bad taste. Explain to me how poking fun of Kennedy’s assignation is shedding better light on the situation?

        You should feel weird, not for having to explain something (ever really), but for your inability to understand that reasonable people can find this stencil to be in poor taste.

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