Dangerous Eggs in Your Fancy Cocktail?

Probably not, but Queena from Bay Citizen is producing a series of videos about eggy drinks in the Mission just to make sure. The first one takes place at Elixir.

4 thoughts on “Dangerous Eggs in Your Fancy Cocktail?”

  1. When I made drinks with eggs at House of Shields I always used the 100% pure pasteurized egg whites, and I know a couple of other bars use them as well. I kind of love it when a bar keep cracks open a fresh brown egg for my drink, though. I’ll take the risk; it’s totally worth it for a perfect golden gin fizz.

  2. I had a beautiful Martinez at Berretta on Saturday. I encourage everyone to ask for it by name. This is a fine drink that deserves widespread consumption. Bartenders need to know its virtues. It’s gin and vermouth but is probably not what you think. Try it you’ll like it. I promise.

  3. I make cocktails with egg whites from time to time. In the bay area, it’s easy. Uncle Eddie’s Wild Hen Farm eggs are free-range, organic, they’re not gonna make you sick or ever get a recall, and it’s local so they’re priced almost the same as factory eggs.

    I also imagine anywhere that sells a very fancy $10 cocktail isn’t using gnar-eggs.

  4. generally, the danger in eggs is in the yolk, the whites are the least dangerous part of the egg, as there are natural anti-bacterial properties in it. also, if you’re using 80 – 100 proof alcohol, and/or citric acid, that should take care of any bacteria that might be present. organic, local, free-range eggs are always preferred, though, since who feels good about factory eggs, anyway?

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