Mission Fashion in the New York Times

Here’s a passage about “Holly Golightlys,” AKA the girls of the Mission:

You see them flying down Valencia Street on Vespas, their wildly improvised get-ups composed of, say, rags scavenged from the Bay Area’s fabled thrift shops (Out of the Closet in the Castro, Eco-Thrift in Vallejo, the Goodwill outpost just off the 101 Freeway in San Rafael), Marni skirts, vintage SM leathers culled from an eclectic assortment of goods at Marc Josef’s locally legendary antiques shop, Tradesmen, and wingtip shoes. You see them particularly on a stretch of 18th Street, where Dolores Park vies for landmark status with Tartine, the upscale pizza joint Delfina and Bi-Rite grocery, a kind of foodie Vatican.

Read on.

(Thanks for the tip, jinksy!)

13 thoughts on “Mission Fashion in the New York Times”

  1. That article is BS. It says there is no It fashion, no shoe, no bag, etc etc. Again BS. I don’t read fashion mags or blogs. I am just an admirer of women (aka pervy old man, hay Phil!) What I see are lots of uggs, 2 years ago, lots of boots, 6 months ago, tights as pants, all the time, and stupid sunglasses. I see stupid tats. But today I saw a gorgeous 4 color tattoo of a steam locomotive on a girl’s backside, way to go! Love steam!

  2. I like Guy Trebay, and I like his writing. That said, when the NYT tries (and oh, how they TRY –please just stop, ok NYT?) to step outside their Nor’easter comfort zone, they usually just plain blow it.

    This article certainly did, on pretty much every level. The biggest part of what he missed is that our neighborhoods are much more of a mash-up than New Yorkers can get their grid-loving, apartheid laden heads around.

    For instance, Pac Heights is the land of brilliant gay intellectuals like Richard Rodriguez, the last of the blue haired ladies who were once our original bohemians, bottle blond type A career gals who torture their co-workers at places like Gap… with their stay at home artist husbands… and on and on.

    And that’s just Pac Heights, the most homogenous part of SF. Our tribes are defined by where they congregate by night, not by where they live during the day.

    One of the pics even showed European tourists and presented them as members of some mythical neighborhood tribe.

    I mean, really. Really.

  3. San Francisco is full of manic pixie dream girls. Except instead of saving you from your humdrum, dull reality, they all go for the same 10 guys and then complain about how the city is full of Peter Pans who won’t settle down. SANFRANCISCODATINGFAIL.

  4. How can a fashion writer can use the word “rags” to describe clothes? It doesn’t do the basic job of fashion writing, to describe what people are actually wearing. And it just seems like a negative put down that doesn’t belong in the NY Times. “Rags” is like when out of touch music writers used to write that hip hop wasn’t music.

  5. Terrible article. I should’ve stopped reading the moment I read the part about San Francisco being a “sports-obsessed city”.


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