Some VERY Altruistic Neighbors

Upon finding out that someone has parked their driveway, most San Francisco residents will immediately simply call SFDPT and wash their hands of the matter, wondering while they wait for the tow truck how anyone could possibly have the audacity to park there despite clearly labeled warning signs.

However, some neighbors are a little more understanding, or perhaps just happen to be nice people:

It’s nice to see neighbors be rad once in a while.


Cuddly “Stay the Hell Out of My Driveway” Sign

“There Are No Savesies”

Author: Andrew Sarkarati

caution is the path to mediocrity. gliding, passionless mediocrity is all that most people think they can achieve.

27 thoughts on “Some VERY Altruistic Neighbors”

  1. Why be nice to someone who is a total asshole, which, by definition, you are if you park in someone’s driveway for more than a few minutes (in my experience, it typically takes at least an hour for DPT to make it out after you call them). Also, the last time a car blocked my driveway, my nice neighbors put a note on it (it was blocking their drive, too) but I called DPT; turned out the car had been stolen and dumped, and my call resulted in the car being returned to its rightful owner in a timely manner. I am all for being nice when it is warranted, but I can’t for the life of me conceive of why anyone would have a legitimate reason to park in my driveway for hours at a time, thus preventing me from using my own car to, say, get to work.

    1. Because it might be that just parking in someone’s driveway by itself doesn’t make someone a “total asshole”. You don’t know anything about this person other than that they chose a bad spot to park.

      1. I suppose there’s an off chance that this guy parked in someone else’s driveway because he quickly needed to go save an old lady or deliver a child, but chances are the person is just a self-centered asshole who would rather block your driveway while they ran errands than have to drive around looking for a spot for 30 minutes.

      2. That’s like saying “just because a guy takes a shit on your doorstep and then punches you in the face doesn’t mean that he’s an asshole. He might be a nice guy!”

        Sorry, acting like an asshole automatically makes you an asshole. It’s defined behaviorally.

  2. I actually did almost this same thing this morning. I once took too much liberty with someone’s driveway but they were nice enough to give me a warning. I feel like it’s the least I can do to provide the same warning… but only one.

  3. i’d tow and ticket them – immediately.
    so many people block our garage – and there is no way for me to back in/out.
    sorry, park in my driveway, you get towed.

    for the life of me, i can’t understand, do they not know they are parking in the driveway, of someones house?
    or they really don’t give a rats red ass?

  4. Bad Parking
    Here’s a note I left on a car on Saturday. I’ve called dpt on people in the past and won’t hesitate to do so if they are keeping me or my neighbor from getting in or out of the garage. But that wasn’t the case here. It was dick parking but wasn’t causing me any real trouble, so they got a dick note without causing them any real trouble.

  5. I have/had the same problem with my neighbors. I asked nicely the first 2 times it happened and instead of being nice back they ignored me like they didn’t understand me then proceeded to talk shit about me in Spanish cause they thought that “negra” didn’t understand them. from now on I call opd and have them tow. fuck them..they don’t deserve me being nice

  6. I always use spray glue on the back of my note to “not park in my driveway again”…before I slap it on the windshield.

    Then I call the traffic cops.

    Sure has stopped the repeat offender in my neighborhood.

  7. I wish the people who towed my car had left a note. I wasn’t blocking a driveway, but I had left my car in one place for more than three days.

    Say what you will about the poor use of public space a parked car may be, but leaving your car in the same spot is better than moving it for the sake of moving it.

    On the other hand, I never would have found out about City Car Share were it not for the jerk neighbors, so maybe it was a good thing.

    1. Pink tagging sucks, but you should have known it exists and kept an eye out. Also sucky: those ‘anti-blight’ tows off private property. I think Oakland got busted for those pretty good a few years back.

      My roommate in the B-town flats back in the ’90s parked in front of the weird neighbor’s house one day. The next day he came out to find the guy’s boat resting on it. We didn’t park there again. Why fight?

      1. Thing is, I’d lived in the city about 5 years by that point, and never heard of such a law. I regularly kept my car parked and unused between street cleanings, never knowing I was violating some law.

        So to suddenly find my car gone and a bill for $1,000 seemed like a bit much.

        But hey, the city’s financial troubles had just started at that point, so I guess I can’t blame them for needing some extra cash. Next time, I just wish they’d be a little nicer about it.

    1. KC
      Don’t block my driveway, you entitled bitch and I won’t be bitter or a dick, by towing your car and putting stickers and dog shit all over it.

      Really, this is what you have to deal with.

  8. I used to drive to Glen Park Bart to get to work and one day I’m coming back to my car and someone is sitting on my hood. Long story short, I was in such a rush/out of it that morning I parked in front of his driveway. I didn’t just stick my nose into the path. I full on blocked his driveway. I rightfully felt like an ass. He basically said that no one could have possibly been bold enough to do that on purpose so he didn’t tow me as he didn’t need to pull his car out that day anyway. I told him that was amazingly cool of him after profusely apologizing.

  9. I try to be mellow and give a 1/2 hour leeway with a note. But after that, there really is no “emergency” excuse. I will have cited, but never tow. I guess that’s just too much for me, unless I REALLY need the driveway.
    Often if I witness someone parking in my driveway I will go out and politely tell them that they are blocking my drive. This usually opens me up to a sink of abuse. Like I’m the asshole. My favorite line is “Are you using it right now?” Hey, I’m not using my toilet right now either. You wanna come in and take a shit?

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