2 Guys 1 Bike and 2 Bikes 1 Guy

Hanging on by belt loops

Three friends are riding three bikes but then one of the bikes gets a flat and no one thought to bring along a pump.  What do they do next?

Anyone have a better idea?

Author: Andrew Sarkarati

caution is the path to mediocrity. gliding, passionless mediocrity is all that most people think they can achieve.

8 thoughts on “2 Guys 1 Bike and 2 Bikes 1 Guy”

  1. The first pic is commonplace in the NL and other civilized lands, while the second pic is what I would look like if I had my shit together and could actually bike my other bike in to Pedal Revolution to get repaired. But I don’t (nor do I just adjust my darn brakes/derailleurs/true the wheels, etc.), so it sits in my garage and I hope I don’t ever need a back-up… Alas…

      1. :-) Don’t remind me about that pesky half a game we’re behind… (Of course they don’t have baseball in the Netherlands, where they love to ride on the luggage racks…)

  2. “Anyone have a better idea?”

    Yes, go into Warm Planet bikes RIGHT BEHIND YOU and buy a tube for $4 and use their pump for free.

  3. Those pictures are just plain hand-churned sweet cream butter. I love the whole conveyance factor these days — the things cyclists are fashioning to haul & tote, and the improvisations the employ blithely when timeliness and necessity dictate.

  4. Like it was mentioned above, the first picture is very common in Holland. While I was living there an Aussie told me its known as “dinking” down under. It then became fun to ask others if they “fancied a dink?”

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