Cars On Fire In Garfield Square

More carson! Nick Fisher was on the scene last night.

Car FIre

“The fire somehow turned on the horn and headlights which were both blasting for the duration.”

Car FIre

“[The firemen] are trying to get the hood off to put out the fire still burning under there. Eventually they sawed it off.”

Just a week and a half since  2 cars on 18th Street were torched in a row. Still not cool, bro.

UPDATE: Thanks to actual journalism, The SF Appeal gets the official story so far:

[A]ccording to SFPD spokesperson Sgt. Michael Andraychak, the arson task force has determined that the fire was accidental in nature, and is not believed to be connected to last week’s intentionally set fires.

Andraychak, who says he spoke directly with arson investigators, confirms Talmadge’s report that the fire began in one car, then spread to the second. God, sucks for the second guy, doesn’t it? Best of luck to all in dealing with that insurance claim.

6 thoughts on “Cars On Fire In Garfield Square”

  1. I can’t believe you stood there and took pictures without bustin out the 12 pack of pbrs in your messenger sack to pour over that sucker. I thought you were a damn hero like Bruce Willis… so dissapointing. you ought to be ashamed.

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