Commonwealth’s First Six Weeks

Eater SF this afternoon published a roundup of early remarks from critics and Yelpers regarding Commonwealth, the still-fledgling “real” restaurant from the makers of Mission Street Food. Most of the talk sounds pretty good. I can’t wait to eat at this place. Read all about it.

Photo by Jennifer Yin.

7 thoughts on “Commonwealth’s First Six Weeks”

  1. A big part of the appeal for me w/ MSF was the fact that they were able to deliver approachable, inexpensive, fine cuisine made by great chefs, served by nice people, for a great cause. Commonwealth preserves the last four items, but without the first two my interest in going there is substantially diminished. Plus, not being able to byo wine to cork for 5 bucks is a bummer.

    I’m still hoping they’ll throw the occasional MSF pop-up or something. Or maybe even for a return of Mission Burger. Sad all those things are gone. But MCF is really good, although you have to be prepared for a spice and grease fest (in the best possible way). Related- can we start a campaign for the return of the Duck Chinito (sp?)? It’s been off the MCF menu for a while now and it was the best thing on there before it was removed.

  2. I went all out and ordered the tasting menu. Superb. Make sure to try out their white russian: coffee ice cream, vodka gelée, génoise cake, and raw milk mousse.

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