Pushbike Moving to 22nd and Shotwell

Pushbike, the premiere cycling apparel and accessories shop in the Mission, which since its inception has been housed inside the Mission Skateboards storefront on 24th Street, is finally getting its own spot. And it looks rad — a nice quiet corner not not at all far off the beaten path.

They leave their 24th Street location this Friday, and the new location doesn’t open until probably most of the way through October, so if there’s anything you need (from a Mondrian saddle to a Tecate cycling cap, or a badass Freight Baggage messenger), snap it up quick.

Stay tuned to the Pushbike blog for updates like today’s.

Photo by Google Maps.

5 thoughts on “Pushbike Moving to 22nd and Shotwell”

  1. I’ve been in the flat upstairs. The 5 sided bay is very unusual, it has a weird tree house effect when standing in the center. The floors are severely sloped towards Shotwell St. I thought the place was about to fall down

    1. I’ve been in the flat upstairs as well, often. Floors (and everything else) are fine. I’m not sure what “Jack Walker’s” comment’s basis is; nor why it’s even relevant to a new tenant moving in downstairs.

    2. I live upstairs and the floors are still slightly slanted but the building was completely redone in 2006 with a new foundation and the floors were rebalanced at the time. I’d wager that Jack was there before it was refinished and there was a tailoring shop downstairs. All my neighbors say the building was in horrible shape circa 2005 and were surprised it wasn’t torn down entirely. I’m very happy they decided to keep the building as it has simple Victorian charm without too much gingerbread.

      At any rate, the building should be in pretty good shape now; hopefully it won’t fall down in a big earthquake. We’ll get it retrofitted someday, but we’re repainting the building first, before Pushbike’s new opening. We too will miss Sangati Center immensely but are looking forward to our new neighbors.

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