Is Tagging on Plants Chill?

Frickety Fresh (taker of this picture and author of this post’s title) wants to know.

I love this picture, and this picture wouldn’t exist had someone not tagged this plant, so……….. GREY AREA!!

23 thoughts on “Is Tagging on Plants Chill?”

  1. It’s the hipster city kid equivalent of the white trash ritual of carving initials into the a tree.

    No, it’s not okay.

  2. not chill, not cool.

    aside from the douchey entitlement that comes along with tagging living things, it’d be nice to show some respect for people who take the time and effort to maintain urban gardens. if it isn’t cool to tag someone’s mural out of respect for their labor of love, why would it be ok to fuck with someone’s garden, esp one that’s intended for public enjoyment?

  3. not at all chill, but reminds me of another grey area graffiti i saw a while back. someone painted a troll on a rock underneath a bridge out at lands end. it’s been cleaned up now, which i’m happy about, but i did sort of like it.

  4. Did you really have to even ask. What is the point of tagging anyway? Is it because bored, self conscious and ill adjusted kids can’t find a real way to express art? And they have to let the rest of the world know that they have no respect for anything?

  5. most definitely not okay. or chill. I live across the street from here, and while I have an immense appreciate for art (I’m a silkscreen artist and graphic designer) and most graffiti, I have NO respect for tagging, especially on plant life. I see this tag every time I walk home through the park, and I hate it. I agree this image is nice (mainly just because of the colors–red and teal are great together)…but I don’t understand who gives a f**k about conceitedly tagging their name on everything….does “PSauce” think s/he is rad because she tagged a plant near the conservatory ?

  6. This is totally mall rat crap. I know the old Italian man who does most of the maintenance, planting, weeding and layout of the Conservatory and this is a slap in the face to somebody who is well past retirement age but continues to make it a beautiful place as a labor of love.

  7. Tagging is the purest form of expression. Ruthlessness is the core of humanity. The sun will die and your comments will be erased. The plant will be fine until it dies, but maybe we should paint it gray before we feel like we’ve lost control of our kingdom.

    1. So… Yeah, after reading through all of the angry comments yours was nice and had the unmistakable ring of truth. I actually do graffiti stickers and try and stay away from using lettering… i dunno… I guess in part to be different than the run of the mill tagger. Much as I dislike the average tag (sloppy), the truth is that each mark means something to the person marking and to the world and who are we to say what should and should not be up in the world. I don’t like the tall assed building that they built right up next to the old bay bridge recently. Is that somehow more valuable because of our capitalist orientation. Who says? Oh, and don’t get the well meaning hipsters started on the poor agave plant. You ever ripped one of those out with a shovel and a machete. they are tough……

      1. The building serves a purpose. It’s a place where people can work to accomplish things and better their lives and those of others. What do your stickers do?

      2. “I actually do graffiti stickers and try and stay away from using lettering… i dunno… I guess in part to be different than the run of the mill tagger”.

        Um, no. You are the run-of-the-mill tagger. More stickers than paint these days, rebel.

  8. this sucks. just like the people who destroyed the roses in the rose garden, tore up the greens in the golf course and keep cutting the newly planted trees down in the park, they are destroying someone’s work and taking away from our enjoyment of our public spaces. just plain wrong. and i’m not talking about hipsters, it is about taking pride in our surroundings and appreciating the beautiful place we live, and being able to share that with each other and the visitors who come here from all over the world. what sort of comment is this tagger making? i can much more understand the concept of tagging on human blight, but nature? really? just lame.

  9. It’s baby steps away from tagging a human being (usually homeless, which regrettably, I’ve also seen).
    The picture is still nice though.

    You’re like a photojournalist, you don’t have condone the image to capture it.

  10. There are so many worse crimes going on to get bent about – why does graffiti get people so irate? If you continue to react like this, how can you expect them to stop?

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