Reader thomass has some thoughts on the matter:

Babes in this city need to get more like New York babes. Babes in New York to guys are the way guys are to guys here, I like that. I know this is a gay city and all but straight girls have gotta get the bear-esque attitude NYC girls have.

I’m not sure what he means, but I like the sounds of it. I think.

Photo by Carina J.


Attention All Babes

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10 Comments on “Babes”

  1. Ferocious Foot Odor Says:

    Any straight man in this town who complains about its girls is either 1) an ugly fool idiot, or 2) a Gap HQ employee.

    In the case of 1) you are an ugly fool idiot.

    In the case of 2) I feel you.

  2. thomass Says:

    Yeah, and when I said that – Carina is pretty much excluded from that statement; funny you guys should pick her for that photo-statement. Spot on.

    So, excluding Carina ya’ll need to… ehhh whatever. I guess it’s just not worth comparing girls here to girls in NYC because of the obvious spatial expansiveness and aggressive nature of that town.

    It’s great to see the comments implying that one must be ugly to complain about girls in this town. That is such a (S)uper(F)icial girl thing to say. I could supply you with more information about girls in this town, but for now; keep rolling.

  3. NIMBY Says:

    I think what the person is trying to say is that in NY the women act like douche-bags too. At least, that’s what I got from the pic/statement.

    • thomass Says:

      Carina, I know your little puppy.

      Anyway, yeah girls around here should be more like jerks or more like Carina (lots of energy and fun).

  4. Thomass,

    You’re doing it wrong.


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