No Brooks Saddle Is Safe

This one was fucking WELDED ON. And still gone in 60 seconds. It’s owner left the bike locked up Valencia Street near 16th — for no more than four minutes. And solid gone.

Apparently this doesn’t only happen in the Tenderloin.


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11 Comments on “No Brooks Saddle Is Safe”

  1. hoboking Says:

    Well I’ve had a series of Non-Brooks saddles and have never had one stolen (I don’t have a quick release though). They have all been fairly comfy as well.

    Since price is clearly not a concern for Brooks saddle owners perhaps a second bike with crap parts might be a good investment. One could then take out the fixed gear with the Brooks only when one really needed to show off, like for dates, and ride the beater bike most the time, like when one needed to go up hills.

  2. B34NS Says:

    Mine nabbed right at the ferry building during the farmers maret, was gone less than 10 minutes!

  3. Maybe you should get feet, or a MUNI bus. They seem to be less easy to steal.

  4. Lapidgeon Says:

    Maybe his balls stole it so they could finally get a saddle that didn’t fucking kill them, jesus that things looks like an impotence machine.

  5. Dansf Says:

    Lost two cheap-ish saddles on Valencia in the last few years.

  6. buzzgirl Says:

    Some fucker took my (non-Brooks) saddle also on Valencia, right in front of the Marsh…conveniently located across the street from Valencia Cyclery. Hmmm. Coincidence? (kidding)

  7. oh Says:

    I doubt it was welded on…come on. there’s one bolt to undo which this person obviously did nothing to deter the thief from taking an allen wrench and turning a few times… They have pitlocks on the seat post which worked, but there’s still a bolt to undo the actual seat from the seat post which people neglect to secure…

  8. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable Says:

    Why are Brooks saddles so valuable? I mean, I can see that they are very expensive, but they don’t LOOK terribly comfortable. Are looks deceiving?

    • Rod Says:

      they are expensive because they are imported and made of high quality materials/leather. they are known for being great for long-distance rides because they form to your booty, they are pretty heavy and i don’t see them being that practical for hopping around the Mission especially since they are notoriously stolen.

  9. Jim Says:

    there is a Latino guy I have seen with my own eyes steal bike seats. He dresses like a wanna be thug with a puffy jacket on a hot day which makes him look even more like he doesn’t belong. I happened to be driving when i See this guy so next time I will follow him. Be warned, because I have honked my horn at him and he just looks up and keeps doing it! Oh and he’s also fat and ugly looking and too tall for his own good. peace

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