Was This Event Sponsored by NO on Sit/Lie?

Travis snapped this picture in front of Modern Times and asks the above question.  To which we say, at least this fellow has the courtesy to act consistently with what he is advocating; unlike, say, these law-bending scofflaws.


Banksy Weighs in on Sit-Lie

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3 Comments on “Was This Event Sponsored by NO on Sit/Lie?”

  1. James Says:

    There are three bookstores on that stretch of Valencia within 100 yards of each other. One is a used book shop. One is an anarchist bookshop. One is a Sci-Fi Fantasy bookshop. Out of the three, one has a policy that makes customers leave their bags at the front. Guess which one?

    Modern Times. Fucking hypocrites.

  2. Kringle Says:

    I took the same picture. hilarious.

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