Recycled Water Bottle Window Farms

Says our buddy Kerry in a recent Facebook post:

Check out (and buy) these awesome kits my friend Britta invented and sells! You can grow a hydroponic garden from recycled water bottles plus they look really awesome hanging in a line in your window. Also if you know of any investors, tell them, so Britta can really get this project going next-level-style.

The Windowfarms Project website is pretty fun to look at, so do visit it, and perhaps buy a kit as well.

Arizmendi Opens For Realz

I know we’ve all been waiting a long time, but the day is here at last and Arizmendi is finally ready to serve you delicious savory and sweet pastries (in addition to the best tomato-less pizza around) all day, every day.  Even though we’ve been stopping by for free samples the past few weeks in hot anticipation, we just had to check out the official opening ourselves to see what the scene would be like.


And what a scene it was!  A friendly milieu of fixies and strollers, everyone happy to have the opportunity to finally enter the bakery on such a wonderfully sunny day.  There was even a video camera crew from a local food blog asking one of the workers (soon to be co-owners–that’s the beauty of this place) about the elusive “Chocolate Thing” that seems to be such the favorite that it sells out within an hour of morning opening.


While we were definitely drawn to the tempting display of both sweet concoctions (the tantalizing brioche knots and pecan rolls) and savory treats (especially the zampano, a roll sprinkled lightly with cheese and pepper), we just had to get our first try of their ever-changing but always delicious pizza.  It had that chewy yet firm consistency that has become the trademark of the cooperative bakery, topped with a pungent mixture of cheese that complemented the baked mushrooms nicely.  Truly worth it despite the scorching weather.  Can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s pie will be!

Pizza Time!!!

Hell Yeah, Taco Bike Man

Vélo Vogue just published an interview with Taco Bike Timmy. Asked if he has any wild Dolores Park stories, he answers:

Wow, many, but my favorite was the 20 year old guy who walked up, ordered two tacos and then proceeded to take out a whip-it cartridge and cracker. He cracked and huffed right in front of me. When I asked if he wanted sour cream he responded with that very deep, sluggish voice “hell yeah man”! Almost pissed myself.

Read on. (But beware the crazy angles of all the photography; I forgot to pop a Dramamine and now I’m all dizzy.)


You Forgot Your Whip-its!

Who Is the Super Secret Band Headlining Aquarius Records’ 40th Anniversary Party?

The press release lists a bunch of bands that are playing and then says:

PLUS a special, secret headliner!!! We can’t tell you who they are just yet, but there’s a pretty good chance you bought their new album from us… and their shows are usually at places a bit bigger than the DuNord… and they’re on the poppier, sunshinier side of things… huge faves here.

Girls? Foot Village? Third Eye Blind? Brian Wilson? Who will it beeeeeee?

$10 advance tickets are for sale now at Aquarius and Cafe du Nord.

Read the full press release after the jump:

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I’m Here Now

Take a quick peek at this gorgeous video following local artist Mark Warren Jacques as he makes his way through the chaos of the City on foot, bicycle, and skateboard.  Shot by Joe Lumbroso of Gallery Hijinks for Mark’s upcoming showing featuring a new direction of work incorporating form, figures and anatomy along with his existing spectrum of clean, fluid lines juxtaposed with bold geometric shapes.

Check out the opening this Saturday at Gallery Hijinks on Bryant at 21st!