Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear

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6 Comments on “Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear”

  1. Jack Walker Says:

    Papa Bear is the AT&T switch. If you get your internet from DSL, that’s where it comes from.

    I’ve been inside the one on Pine street in the Financial District. It was overbuilt for pure relay phone switching. Numerous floor were empty becuase the switching technology improved becoming smaller. Even so there were still racks upon open frame racks with relays clattering away. It was kinda amazing, the stuff looked to be at least 50 years old, maybe more, yet was completely functional.

    I think the Pine Street site was were the NSA installed their spy vacuum and sucked up all of the local internet traffic (I may be wrong about the exact location so don’t quote me on it) Anyway, AT&T = evil for their complicity in domestic spying. Only one carrier refused allow the NSA in, I think it was Qwest.

  2. Oh, nice. I love this pic.

  3. johnny Says:

    25th and capp, represent!

  4. Lael Says:

    What a great block!

  5. Tako Says:

    That big behemoth throws a giant shadow across Capp, and funnels a cold wind that routinely chills 25th-&-Capp passersby. It was christened The Hellmouth by My Loverly Wife.

  6. Adam Says:

    I live in baby bear!

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