Recycled Water Bottle Window Farms

Says our buddy Kerry in a recent Facebook post:

Check out (and buy) these awesome kits my friend Britta invented and sells! You can grow a hydroponic garden from recycled water bottles plus they look really awesome hanging in a line in your window. Also if you know of any investors, tell them, so Britta can really get this project going next-level-style.

The Windowfarms Project website is pretty fun to look at, so do visit it, and perhaps buy a kit as well.

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3 Comments on “Recycled Water Bottle Window Farms”

  1. I got all fired up and started building one of these a couple weekends ago. After about $50 in crap, I can’t find the correct shaped water bottles. If anyone knows where to get Polan (sp?) Springs or equivalent bottles on the west coast, let me know.

  2. mattisalomaki Says:

    Pretty sweet. I was trying to figure out why it needed to be plugged in, but I think I got it. Maybe it could go solar? Matti

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