This Thing

Don’t know what it is, but it’s probably art, and it’s out in the back yard at Fabric8, which is a lot bigger than it looks (I always thought it was just that first little tiny room), and has been hosting a food cart party every Friday for a while. My friend Kristina (who shot the gorgeous photo above) had a pretty bangin’ sweet empanada there last week.

See the press release for this week’s event after the jump:

Mission gallery fabric8, who has been hosting a weekly Street Food Fridays event for over a year, is offering a veritable feast of fun with this month’s food-related show Local Flavor. In addition to the group art exhibition co-curated by food writer Tamara Palmer, fabric8 is inviting local restaurants to bring a street food option to their family-friendly Friday food gathering.

This week, October 15, Street Food Fridays features food cart innovator Magic Curry Kart, newcomer Sataysfied, and fabric8’s 22nd Street neighbors Lolo Restaurant¬† and La Copa Loca Gelato. fabric8 is located at 3318 22nd Street between Valencia and Guerrero and the event lasts from 6-8PM. More info at

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4 Comments on “This Thing”

  1. MrEricSir Says:

    It’s really worth going there when the Pizza Hacker shows up. That guy makes a mean margherita.

  2. rajah Says:

    True. The Pizza Hacker makes the best sauce and dough in the city and his pies are wood fired making for SF’s greatest pizza hands down.

    I am glad Kristina enjoyed the empanada I made for her.

    Tip: Find the pizza hacker tonight at La Victoria for a street food party with a lot of other food carts. Then after the party is the after party which goes from 2am-5am with Jamaican and Japanese street food.

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