Austin-Style Breakfast Tacos

This is what’s up at Heart every weekend. This is what’s up. Austin-style breakfast tacos.

Sure, I saw Bill Murray, and the guy from Fucked Up tried to assault me, but the breakfast tacos still held strong as a top highlight of my trip to Austin.

And these ones, made in San Francisco, are even better. Call me a blasphemer if you want, but they are bomb, and there’s no line for brunch at Heart.

Also, I realize the quality of this picture leaves something to be desired, but I didn’t want to give away the whole experience. This is just a hint. Go see for yourself, if you want.

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6 Comments on “Austin-Style Breakfast Tacos”

  1. banksean Says:

    Did I read that menu right? They put escabeche on breakfast tacos?

  2. jed Says:

    You invited, and so I shall indulge thee: You, sir, are a blasphemer.
    I have seen the “Austin-Style” Migas Tacos at Heart, and while I do not doubt they use fancier ingredients than yr average Texas taco, they are far from accurately replicating the migas tacos perfection that can be found all over Austin.

    If you are craving Texas migas, go get a good chilaquiles somewhere here, like San Jalisco.

  3. marijke Says:

    taco vision

  4. diction Says:

    i have some serious doubts about SF’s ability to make a real austin breakfast taco. now if we can only get some queso and cheap lonestar…

  5. Gregorio Says:

    Also, these tacos are $7 for the basic. The same setup would run you around $3 in Austin.

    • Peggy Rehm Says:

      i’m a san antonio girl looking for breakfast tacos. i’m trolling the web in search of clues where i can get them in the bay area. this pick is fuzzy but real breakfast tacos don’t come with those colors :). and most SA b-fast tacos are less than $2. TX, you can keep the lone star (i can get shiner here) but please, please send a source for real central TX breakfast tacos

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